Starting Salary:  $38,279


As a branch of the Sheriff’s Office, the mission of the Spartanburg County Detention Facility is to protect the public by securely detaining individuals who have been arrested and accused of committing various offenses against Spartanburg County citizens.


To ethically and legally provide a secure, sanitary, and safe place of pre-trial incarceration in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible while ensuring inmates receive humane, respectful, and professional treatment from detention personnel.


Detention administration assures continued oversight and compliance with standards set forth by the State and Local Jail Standards while providing realistic career development, strategic planning, training, and safety for management and staff personnel.


  1. Deputies are held to a higher standard of accountability to better promote an environment that is consistent with human dignity, and one that is free from personal prejudices and discrimination

  2. All inmates will be held accountable for their actions

  3. In partnership with our community, programs and services will be made available to help reduce recidivism in allowing our population to re-enter and succeed in society as law-abiding and productive citizens


Job Duties

Essential job duties are intended to be examples of responsibilities, and are not intended to be all inclusive. There will be other tasks as assigned.

  1. Processing inmates into the detention facility

  2. Operate motor vehicles for purpose of job related tasks

  3. Routine security checks of inmates, living quarters, and the facility

  4. Monitor cameras and security equipment

  5. Transporting inmates to various locations including the courthouse, medical and dental appointments

  6. Patrols various facilities of Spartanburg County to ensure the safety and security of each location

  7. Supervises inmates during meals, recreational and related activities for conformance to institutional rules, regulations and procedures.

  8. Safeguards inmates while escorting them to various locations

  9. Performs headcounts and regularly checks on their physical condition

  10. Prepares and completes routine records on inmates

  11. Completes incident reports when necessary

  12. Records inmate visits while inspecting items brought into the detention center

  13. Investigates crimes that occur on any detention center property

  14. Performs cell searches and checks safety equipment to ensure the facility is safe and secure

  15. Takes charge of critical incidents